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My name is Rebecca Possamai, owner of By Your Side Doula Services. I am a qualified doula who has graduated from The Australian Doula College in 2012. The course taught me more than I could ever imagine. I believe the more unbiased information you have the better informed you are to make choices. Information = power. I love supporting women and their partners, helping them have the birth they want.  I provide information so you can make informed choices in regards to your birth.  I then support your choices without bias. I support all choices from home birth through to ceasarean. All natural or with pain relief of your choice. Your birth = your choice. I help you feel confident to stand up for the choices you make. I have supported completely natural birth, gas, epidurals, VBAC's, ceasareans and water births. I have two children, one born at 34 weeks, so I have experience with preemies, as well as The Special Care Unit experience. I offer alternatives to pain relief, such as TENS machine, massage, homeopathics and aromatherapy. I feel privileged to have my children and now know the strength of a woman. After my daughters birth in 2010 I knew that I wanted to be a doula, that there would be no better thing to do than to support a woman in such a beautiful, fulfilling way. I am compassionate, empathetic, calm and caring which helps me to be a great doula. I love women and birth and am very calm by nature. I also suffered postnatal depression after both of my children. So I am extremely empathetic and non judgmental. 

I have two children, a daughter who was born in 2010. I planned a water birth in a birthing centre at a public hospital, with no drugs. However I had morning sickness all the way through, carpel tunnel and gestational diabetes. Because of the gestational diabetes I was transferred to an obstetrician. At 33 weeks my waters broke and three days later I was induced. My labour was 12 hours and managed to only use a little bit of gas. My daugther had to stay in the Special Care Unit for 6 weeks. So I have experienced some of the complications of pregnancy and with premmies as well as the Special Care Unit experience. I feel privileged to have such a beautiful daughter and now know the strength of a woman. 

After my daughters birth I knew that I wanted to be a doula. There would be no better thing than to support a woman in her journey in becoming a mother. I know that every woman deserves to be heard and find that voice inside of her and to have the birth she wants, no matter what that might be. I support all types of birth, completely drug free, to ceasearen and everything in between. Your baby, your way. I am compassionate, empathetic and caring which helps me to be a great doula. 

In December 2013 I gave birth to my son Jett, with my husband, daughter and doula by my side. I felt so empowered giving birth this time as I had the education and information and support to birth the way I wanted. I am proud of what I have achieved. See my blog for more info. Want to know more about my packages? Please click here

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Feel free to check out the latest addition to the family - Jett D'Artagnon Possamai born 5 December 2013 at Monash Medical Centre Clayton.