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Aroma Freedom Technique - Coaching

What is AFT?

AFT is a whole new approach to brain reprogramming! 

Have you ever tried to think positive - but no matter how much you try, you just can't? On the outside you might you try to be positive, but that inner voice inside of you is negative, self sabotaging & prevents you reaching your full potential?

What if you could instantly and permanently break the cycle and create a new you from the inside, out?

During your own private coaching session, we use Essential Oils and the sense of smell, known as the "Olfactory Bulb" to access the "Limbic System" then guide you through the AFT process to permanently collapse those harmful roadblocks.

Time to break those patterns and be the real you!

How Does AFT Work?

The process works using the principle of Memory Reconsolidation. When a memory is created, it is stored as a complex of image-thought-feeling-bodily sensation. Our implicit (emotional) learning is based on this memory complex. Introducing the aroma of specific essential oils at the right point in the process of recall can break apart this memory complex and thereby restructure the implicit learning connected with the memory. Our results are consistent with the most recent research on Memory Reconsolidation.

Stress matters - even to your unborn baby!

It is well studied that maternal stress impacts unborn babies. "...not only chemicals from outside the mother’s body can affect the development of the in-utero human, but also chemicals generated by the mother’s body. The mother’s stress hormones, primarily adrenaline and cortisol, reach the infant by the same placental route and, if excessive and chronic, can play a deleterious role." Check out this article

This might be your first baby - or another addition to your family - & you can't seem shake that inner voice that says:

'what if I'm just not cut out to be a Mum,' or 'what if I am a terrible mother' or

'what hope do I have to be a great Mum, when my mother let me down?' Or "I'm just not a good enough Mum"


Let's get ahead of the game - together

Let's break through these feelings together! It's time to thrive!

Aroma Freedom Technique