Ready to love the birth you have? Let's do this together. Your investment for your positive birth experience includes:

Doula Support $1650

  • One hour complimentary ‘no obligation’ meeting*

  • Two 2+hr prenatal meetings at your home
    (includes birth education & construction of birth plan)

  • Attending your birth

  • 1 post natal meeting

  • Unlimited phone calls and emails

  • Being on call 24/7 from 38 weeks onwards

  • Tens Hire

  • Access to my birth book library

  • Use of any tools that I have available in my birthing kit
    (homeopathy, essential oils plus more)

Payment plans are available upon request

*free via skype or if you travel to me. If you need me to travel to your home there is a $50 travel fee that is deducted off your package should you choose to book me.

In depth discussions of all of the pregnancy and birth options available to you- not just the ones the hospital or GP recommends to you.

Multiple private childbirth education sessions where we can assess what YOU want out of your birth, pregnancy and breastfeeding or formula feeding journey. These sessions are usually held in the comfort of you own home where we get to know each other and know what is important to you and your family for the positive birth that you want. 

You will be provided with loads of online resources - so that you have information to help you make your own choices in your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Your fear will be acknowledged and dissolved with positive birth stories and techniques so that you are confident to birth your baby, your way. 

You will be encouraged and supported so that you are in control of your body and your baby - no matter what. Whether it is a natural drug free birth, a medicalised birth or anything in between. 

I will also support you postnatally, with birth debriefing, breastfeeding or formula feeding support and resources and contacts to make your journey into parenthood a positive as possible.