Childbirth Classes

Preparing for the birth of a baby is an exciting time. Luckily you have the 40+ weeks of pregnancy to get your head and your heart ready. It’s more than getting a cot, pram and baby room all set up. Mums need to use this time to ensure that they prepare their mind, body and heart for childbirth, ensuring that they are fully educated about the birthing process and the options available to them in terms of which provider to use, which hospital, or is home birth in Melbourne an option? Will I use pain relief? If so what is available? What are the pro and the cons? ...Read More

For this reason, childbirth classes are essential to ensure that you are fully prepared for labour and the birthing process. Rebecca from By Your Side is the specialists provider of childbirth classes Melbourne.

Child birthing classes

Rebecca is the number one choice for birthing classes Melbourne has to offer. During our private childbirth education classes, Rebecca gets to know you personally and addresses any challenges and fears that you may have surrounding childbirth. She takes time to educate you and your partner through the various stages of labour, the birthing choices, the natural and medical pain relief options during labour, positions for labour and birth, how hormones affect labour, breast crawl information and visualisation techniques. During her childbirth education classes Melbournemums-to-be can also expect to learn how the various emotions they experience affect the birthing process and how to process these emotions.

Prenatal classes Melbourne

By Your Side offers a number of different prenatal classes packages for expectant mothers. Our Labour Support Package offers continuous support through the entire labour and birth. We help to create your birth plan and help you to work through any fears and anxieties that you are experiencing surrounding labour and the birth of your child. The Labour Support Package includes 24/7 support by both phone and email during the on call period as well as phone/email/online support during pregnancy and after the birth. This is our most complete prenatal class Melbourne offering and is especially the right fit for first time or those who had a birth with some unexpected outcomes.

If you are in need of support or even just a reassuring, listening ear through your pregnancy, the Online Support Package may be the right option for you. This package offers dedicated online support for you to talk through your worries, fears, or any other emotions you are experiencing around your pregnancy. This package is particularly popular for working mothers who need support but are really strapped for time.

Antenatal classes Melbourne

Our Birth Debriefing package is perfect for expectant mothers who wish to talk about any feelings that they are experiencing around the pregnancy or impending childbirth. Rebecca from By Your Side offers a listening ear for you to be open about your feelings towards your birth. She can help you understand and overcome any negative feelings or anxiety that you might have. Talking about your experience and feelings with someone outside of your circle can be much easier, especially if you are not sure if friends or family fully understand what you are going through. The most important thing to know is that you’re not alone – many pregnant women experience these kinds of feelings!

If you need help planning the labour and birth of your child, you can rely on us to provide expert kindness and support you need. Whether you are planning a natural birth or birth using medical pain relief, or even a caesarean Rebecca can help you to effectively plan your birthing process.

Rely on our years of experience to explore the right birthing options for you. Rebecca has extensive knowledge of the birthing options available to you in the wider Melbourne area and we can provide information on the pros and cons of your various pain relief options, information on active birth and labour positions. But especially help you feel supported and safe, knowing that someone who cares is right there by your side. By Your Side can also educate your partner about the various ways they can support you and help you identify the various stages of labour and the emotions that go along with those stages.

Childbirth education classes Melbourne

By Your Side offers private childbirth education classes in Melbourne and across the wider Melbourne area with each class delivered in your own home. During our childbirth educations classes Melbourne mums-to-be can expect to learn all about the various stages of labour and to recognise each stage and the feelings associated with those stages. We will bring you through your various birth choices, positions for labour and birth and discuss your natural and medical pain relief options. During a childbirth education class, Rebecca will discuss the various emotions that you may feel during pregnancy and explain how to understand and deal with those emotions while learning about how various emotions can affect birth.

By Your Side also teaches valuable visualisation and relaxation techniques to enable expectant mothers to be able to better manage their pregnancy and enjoy the experience that pregnancy and childbirth brings with them and also manage any fear and anxieties. We’ll also provide breast crawl information and can answer any burning questions you may have about this topic.

We even offer a sibling doula support package. We can help you to ensure that your child/children feel comfortable about the impending birth of their sibling. And, when the time comes, we’re here to look after them during labour or childbirth and help ease them into embracing the new arrival.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be quite a scary yet exciting time for expectant mothers and their partners. Whether you are expecting your first baby, your second baby or even your sixth or seventh child, there can be feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, worry and even negativity. This is all completely natural! When you need reassurance, support or assistance, know that expert help is at hand. By Your Side’s aim to ensure that you feel confident, secure, supported, positive and comfortable with what’s happening in your life.

Birth support is far more effective when provided by someone who is not a member of hospital staff and trust us, even your partner can benefit from that extra kind of support! Sourcing doula support can help to reduce anxiety, depression and feelings of low self-esteem among expectant mothers. By Your Side serves Melbourne's South East area and can travel to Melbourne CBD, Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula, and most suburbs that are located inside about a 1 hour distance. Rebecca is an experienced doula and is here to help you through your pregnancy and childbirth, whatever your needs and situation may be.

Rebecca Possamai