Dads & Doulas

So your wife/partner is pregnant. Yay!! Time passes and one day she comes to you and says, 'I think I want to hire a doula.'  A doula? What's a doula? She explains that its a labour support person. Then you start to think, 'aren't I good enough, why do you need one of them?' Well why don't I tell you why you would want to hire a doula.

1. You can be informed. Your doula can provide you with valuable information that you never even knew existed. Your partner can search the internet for hours for information but be overwhelemed or confused. A doula can provide unbiased information on all sorts of topics that you wouldn't have even thought of. Position changes, pros and cons of pain relief, placenta encapsulation, delayed cord clamping,,,the list goes on.

2. Guilt free breaks. You can tak a break for food, or just some time out knowing that your partner is in good hands with your doula.

3. Reassurance. You can glance at your doula and just know that everything is proceeding as normal, that the noises that your partner is making are normal etc. Or if something is a miss then you have the support to cope with the situation. You are also reassured that your doula is there for the sole purpose of making life better for your partner. Consistent emotional and physical support etc. The medical staff are there to check monitors, blood pressure, fetal heart rate etc, but your doula is there just for your partner.

4. Your doula will not replace you. She will help you feel comfortable in your role, discussing what your partner needs to get through labour. This might be kisses and a back rub, words of encouragement or to be completely left alone. A doula can help guide you in this or reassure you that you are doing a great job. Remember its team work, not a redundancy.

So Dads don't be afraid, we aren't there to replace you, but rather enhance your job. We help you be confident that you are doing a great job.

Rebecca Possamai