The Birth of Jett

Pressure was building for me to have an induction at 38 weeks. I had an ultrasound and they were predicting that my baby was going to be around 9lb at birth, but it didn't concern me as to me 9lb isn't macrosomic. I had my check up with my Doctor on Tues 3/12/13 and went through my birth plan. He surprisingly didn't say no to anything. People at this stage were looking at my and saying that I was huge and asking whether I was having twins!!

That afternoon I felt like my tummy had dropped. The next day I had some acupuncture, ( I had some a few weeks earlier to help me prepare for labour) this time it was for induction. I then waddled to the shops and had some curry for lunch and waddled around until I tired out. We went home and later on we put a movie on - Despicable Me, ate some chocolate and had half a glass of wine with candles and aromatherapy. Then we got onto Youtube and laughed our heads off watching a really funny comedian. I also rubbed some clary sage on my tummy. Lots of oxytocin, then went to bed around 10pm.

5:30am Thurs 5/12/13 I awoke with my water breaking. Just a little gush. I told Phil and was really excited and happy that I wouldn't likely need to be induced. I was a little bit worried that my contractions wouldn't start on their own as my contractions never came after my waters broke with Kiara. I didn't need to worry because about 10mins later I had my first contraction. I thought (with my doula hat on) that I had better go back to bed and rest because labour could be a long way off before it really kicks in. I also messaged my doula. No long after I heard a pop and I jumped up and heaps of water came out. It kept coming with every contraction. By 6am the contractions were already 2mins apart but very managable. I got two huge towels and came into the lounge and stood on them as every contraction I had I lost a heap of water. This carried on until about 8am. I thought that I had better let the hospital know. When I rang they were surprised that I hadn't called them earlier and suggested that I come in. I ignored that and wanted to labour for as long as possible at home. I called Kate my doula and let her know that I had called the hospital and that she should make her way to my place. Contractions were 2 mins apart and painful but managable. By 9:30am the contractions really picked up so Phil called Kate and said to meet us at the hospital. The car trip was painful to say the least. When I arrived at the hospital and saw Kate I started crying, I was in so much pain I just wanted it to be over.

The hospital was expecting me and as soon as they saw me they quickly took me into a room and asked a few questions and shortly after moved me to the delivery room. It was about 10.10am. Kiara was still with us this whole time, which I was happy about as I wanted her to be at the delivery if possible. My birth photographer met us in the delivery room too. From here things get a bit blurry. I was mostly standing for each contraction but I kept saying that I didn't want to do it and that I was scared. (I still don't know what I was scared of) The midwife asked if I wanted a water birth to which I said 'yes!! I love you' but not too long afterwards she came back and said that I couldn't have one because I was on insulin for gestational diabetes.I asked if I could go in the shower and she said no. To which I said that I could if I wanted and that I would. I had left my birth plan in the car, so Phil decided to go and get it for me and to move the car as well as he had left it at the front in the 5min parking. He took forever to come back and during this time I had to push unvoulteeringly. I was like - 'where is Phil, Im going to have this baby without him!!'

(Im now writing this on 22/5/14, well after Jett's birth.) Now from what I can remember Phil eventually came back. At this stage I didn't know what to do with myself, I was all over the place and didn't know where I could go to feel safe. I was kneeling over the bed at this stage. I didn't want to be touched. I just wanted to be alone in a dark corner. I managed to calm down and the midwife said that she could see the baby's head crowning. The midwife asked me to hope on the bed, to which I said that I wasn't going to that that would just make my pelvis smaller. She said that the baby is really big and might get stuck and that they would hold my legs up, which would make my pelvis bigger. I still argued with them until they said that if I didn't get up on the bed then there was nothing that they could do in that position if he got stuck. So I reluctantly agreed. (I still wish I hadn't) But when they talk like that then you have fear and do it anyway against your rational mind. So after that I did one push and his head was out and with the next contraction he was born. 9lbs 10oz or 4.365kg, 55cm long and 36cm head circumfrence. Nice and healthy and had no trouble with him getting stuck. 

I was on such a high from the birth, I was just so happy that I had done it with little intervention. I didn't have the syntoconin injection and just waited until I birthed the placenta. That happened fairly quickly. However after I birthed the placenta I had a big blood loss of 1.8 litres. I needed extra fluids to make up for the blood loss. All this was happening while I held Jett, I was on such a high that I hardly noticed. 

Jett was very sleepy so the nursed check his blood sugars and they were very low (1.6) so he was whisked away to the special care nursery where he was given my colostrum that I had collected during pregnancy. This wasn't enough to bring his sugars up so they gave him formula and then glucose, which brought his sugar levels within normal range. He had to stay in the special care nursery for 8 days as he had jaundice for which he was given phototherapy for.

Rebecca Possamai