Carmelle's Birth Story

Carmelle Larson's birth story: I got up on Sunday the 27th of December 2015 and around 9am started to notice I was having period type pains on and off anywhere from 5-15 mins apart. They slowly got a bit more noticeable all morning so I alerted my mum, my partner and my doula that I thought things might be starting. Mum and I had originally planned to spend the day together so we went ahead with our plans because I had a gut feeling it may take a while. We went down to Kmart and then out to the coffee club for lunch! I was contracting to the point where they were hurting but I was still able to walk and talk. They were about 5 mins apart. 
That afternoon after we returned home the contractions died right down and I got super disapointed. I finalised my hospital bags and made sure I had all last minute things packed, then took a bath. By this stage contractions were practically non existent! 
I went for a walk and cooked dinner and then gave up and relaxed. By the time I went to bed they had returned and this time accompanied by a really horrible sore aching back!!!! I slept for a few hours but woke up in lots of pain. My back was so so very sore and contractions had picked up to the point I was thinking ow! I had a hot shower and text my doula who suggested I was still early on so try relax. I woke up around 2am even more sore and I was shaking like crazy.. Like uncontrollably shaking. I rang the hospital. The midwife said it was adrenaline and to calm down and have a hot tea and another shower. I did and felt much better. Around 5am contractions were every 2 mins and my back was really bugging me so I called the hospital who said I could come on in anytime. I called mum and my doula soon after and they were both on their way. I remember just rocking forward and backward leaning on the couch and eating Nutella toast between contractions which were anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 mins apart! 
Soon after my doula came I chose to head off to the hospital. The car ride was soooo painful. When we got the hospital the midwife thought I couldn't be more than a few cm and said I might need to come back. But when she checked me to everyone's suprise (including my own!!) I was 7cm! 
So I was admitted and brought into the birth suit. By this time contractions were hurting but I was feeling good and strong and in control. I was holding my doulas hands and rocking through them. She was amazing and supportive and just kept reminding me how well I was doing and how I could do it! The contractions were no more than a minute apart. My memory is a touch foggy from here on out.. But I remember the midwife was a bit worried that my heart rate was high and so was my temp. I labored on the toilet which was great and did a lot more rocking. I felt soo much pressure down there And it felt good to push down a little when contractions came. When the midwife checked how dilated I was next time she popped my waters. Contractions picked up instantly and went from painful but bearable to omg ouch kill me now lol! 
I remember then feeling like omg I don't want to do this doula was very supportive and tried to remind me of my goals but I was past it and my goal in my head had changed. At that point I knew I wanted another c section and to just get this baby out... This want was confirmed when they checked me again and i was only 7 still and the doctor said my cervix was very swollen so progress from here on out could be slow. 
I tried the gas at this point which was AMAZING! 
I remember the midwife telling me to breathe air in between contractions and only suck the gas When I felt a contraction coming or I might pass out. All I remember doing was sucking on the gas thinking yes! Good! I wanna pass out!!! Hahaha! 
Anyways, the doctors decided a c section was a good idea because of my high heart rate so after some fuss I was taken off on my way to thearter. After I left the oxygen behind I was writhing in pain. Laying down on a hard hospital bed with constant contractions was sooooooo hard. I remember thinking if they didn't stop my pain soon I would pass out. 
I was screaming at the surgeons to hurry up and knock me out. I feel a bit sorry for them now, quite a few swear words left my mouth! It's not my fault... To a labouring woman it looked like they were moving in slow motion lol!!! They didn't want to give me a general but brandon stood up for me and in the end they gave in. Them putting the mask on couldn't have come quick enough! Relief! 
I woke up a couple hours later in recovery pleased I was no longer in labor lol! 
The nurses told me my baby girl was all perfect and with daddy. A midwife came and took some of my colostrum in a syringe and took it off to feed Sienna. 
Soon enough after a few shots of morphine I was taken off to meet my baby girl! 
Love at first sight even though I was totally drugged up I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my beautiful chubba girl! All 10.2pounds of her
I know I didn't get the VBAC I wanted but I really feel proud for labouring for as long as I did, and don't regret a thing. In the end the c section was what i wanted and im happy it all went well brandon was great and my doula was an amazing support and I felt such confidence knowing I had her there to speak for me and suggest new positions and hold my hands and sway with me. I felt so much more in control of this birth than the birth of my son and I'm so thankful for the support I had!

Rebecca Possamai