Do Doula's only support intervention/drug free births?

I had an interesting conversation today with someone, who in the past had considered hiring a doula. She mentioned that she felt like doulas only seem to push for intervention and drug free births. That she has been left feeling like a birth with interventions isn't ok, or that they should have said no to them because they might have been unnecessary even when they clearly weren't. 

Birth comes in so many forms. home birth, hospital birth, ceasarean birth. It makes me so sad that some feel like they are some how "less of a woman" if they have a ceasarean birth or if they had interventions. All women are amazing, no matter how their baby comes into the world.

I want to assure women though that I personally support birth in all its forms. I myself used gas in both my births and was induced in one of my births. This was a necessary thing for me. I loved the gas. It made me calm and I was able to cope better with the contractions. I also needed to be induced. My water broke at 33 weeks and I did not go into labour, so it was a necessary intervention. The fact is that interventions save lives.

I guess one of the reasons why it seems that doulas are against interventions is because we see all too often the cascade of interventions where the woman wasn't informed of her options. She was left disempowered and uninformed. So as a doula this is what I am trying to prevent. I would love it if every woman was given the risks and the benefits of various things without scare tactics and with evidence based information. Being "overdue" by a day or two or even a week is not a reason to be induced, as long as there are no other risk factors. Someone I know was told that she was "small" for her first baby and that she was overdue and was offered an induction. She refused based on the research and evidence that she did. Her baby came in it's own time and was a good size. 

Recently too I have heard women say 'I didn't know that I could say no." I find this to be a common complaint. They  felt they had no choice, and that they had do everything that the Doctor told them to do. 

I suppose in conclusion I'd like to say, that I am very thankful that modern medicine has come so far, that epidurals, ceasareans and inductions are options for those who need them. That I support birth in every form. But I support women's choice. I want women to be informed and educated. Not left in the dark, saying yes to things they don't really understand. I want all women to feel empowered no matter how their baby comes into the world. I want women to feel amazing, and wonderful whether they have a drug free home birth or a birth with every intervention in the world. No one is better, no one is stronger. Birth is different for each person, there is no right or wrong way of doing it, just different.