Birth stories from clients


As this was my 2nd pregnancy I wanted things to go more differently. I didn’t know what to expect with my first and I went with the flow and had a birth I didn’t think was right. With my first I was hooked up to an epidural and was nearly rushed off to an emergency C-Section. Rebecca helped me understand the risks with drugs, and understand the natural process of birthing.

During my pregnancy Rebecca was there with information and helped me find my voice and my desires on how I wanted this birth to go. Not everything on my birthing plan was granted but at every step these were my decisions to make.

I started having pre labour contractions the night before, after a nice relaxing shower. I slept through them and had an ultrasound the next day already scheduled as I had been given 2 different due dates and had to be monitored. I was overdue according to my last date given but early with my original date. I was home all day experiencing pre labour contractions, later that night I started to experience my contractions get more intense and closer. I told Rebecca what was happening and asked for her to come. I kept contracting with them getting to 3-5 minutes apart lasting 30-60 seconds. Looked promising, then out of no where I went quiet and the contractions quietened. We decided to try a different position which brought them on really hard and fast. We decided to go to the hospital. Along the way again my contractions had slowed up a bit. When at the hospital, they did an exam and I was only 3 cm?!? How can I only be 3 cm? My contractions kind of died down from there. But Rebecca reassured me and explained it could be primal instinct to stop my contractions due to not feeling safe. I stayed on my feet or in upright positions as much as I could. They broke my waters somewhere along the way to help my labour progress. I was having urges to push, and my contractions were very intense. I had requested to have a drug free labour so no one asked me if I wanted any form of pain relief. There were a few examinations to track my progress but still I was not dilating as much as we would of thought, especially with my urge to push with every contraction. I got to a point of no return, my mind was giving up on me, the amount of pain and the urge to push (and not allowed to) with every contraction got the better of me. I requested the epidural. I did lose my mind somewhere along the way and I cannot remember how many cm I was but I needed relief. I got a very good doctor who didn’t overdose me on the drug as I could still feel everything (unlike with my first where I couldn’t even feel my feet)

Suddenly everything started to change, and I was starting to progress in my labour. In the afternoon my second son was born and I got to experience it all. It was later found out that Ryan was posterior and that was why I was feeling the urge to push through my whole labour. I am really proud of all my efforts to try and not use drugs but end of the day I believe my body needed a little break so Ryan could turn. He was born a healthy 10 pound 6 and because I listened to everything the midwives told me I was able to come away with no tears, no stitches. This was the most amazing experience of my life. People usually would say that about their first but I wasn’t prepared for my first. I felt strong, I felt amazing and I truly thank Rebecca for making me feel like super woman. My birthing plan didn’t go to plan but my birth did. I felt in control and at the end of it I had a healthy bubby.  Rebecca Gilbert - Baby born 25 June 2013, Melbourne