Doterra vs Young Living & why I switched!

Let me tell you a little story of why I love Young Living Essential oils so much. If you ask my friends what I love to talk about they would say 'deep and meaningfuls, anything associated with birth and essential oils!' I have my oils with me everywhere I go. Last week I went camping and I bought my whole collection! So I thought the time has come to explain why I love Young Living so much and how it compares to Doterra.  After all, what are the differences? Now I will never speak badly of any competitor and I'm not about to start now with Doterra, as I was a Doterra user for around 2 years myself. But I will explain why I made the switch from Doterra and an Australian company Amazing Scents, and why I have chose to exclusively use Young Living. 

I started using oils in high school just with an oil burner and oils from a local shop (Please whatever you do DO NOT buy from chemists and local shops - that's another long blog post though). They smelt good and I thought I was doing what I should with oils - burning them. And assumed these were all natural oils. Then as time went past and my journey continued I had some friends that had demo's of essential oils from Amazing Scents. I also hosted a party at home and my collection of oils started to build. I was learning that oils could be used for many different things and I was enjoying learning. I also had a friend who let me know he was using Doterra. I didn't see the need to try Doterra until someone else kept following me up and letting me know the great benefits of Doterra oils. So I signed up for an account and added to my collection of oils. I faithfully used Doterra with clients and at births. I trusted Doterra more as they seemed so pure that I started ingesting them.  

Anyway time went on and other doula's had mentioned that they were using Young Living and they found them AMAZING. I messaged one of the doulas and asked why she used Young Living. She mentioned that it was because Young Living oils had a higher frequency. To be totally honest this answer made me run the other way. It totally freaked me out, as I thought thought 'frequency what on earth is that? That sounds pretty weird/freaky/scary to me.' So I stopped thinking about Young Living for a little while. However a friend that I had on Facebook for a long time was faithfully posting the 100's of benefits her family were having with Young Living so I gave it a go. That was December 2015. (By the way, now I understand what frequencies are and it's not freaky/weird or scary. It's science!)

What set's Young Living Apart

Seed To Seal

More Than Just Oils.png

I mean, it’s really that simple. I was tired of trawling the internet and getting products from all sorts of different websites. A site to remember for makeup, a site for cleaning, as site for laundry, etc. It's all too much to remember. Now I get to have a one stop shop! Young Living carries more single oils than Doterra, more blends than Doterra and more miscellaneous products than Doterra. If we’re talking strictly affordability, I like that the variety of Young Living blends means I don’t have to buy up oils individually to make the blend I need, I can just purchase the blend itself. This saves me so much money. So much. Then there is the great rewards program too which means that I get 25% back in rewards points to get FREE products. No supermarket has a rewards program that good!

Also, can we talk about the amazing product lines YL has? Good because we’re going to. One of my favorites is the Thieves line. The Thieves line includes things like; household cleaner, foaming hand soap, toothpaste, laundry soap, dishwasher detergent, dish soap, plus tons more. Other products I love? Supplements (we have so many to choose from!),  a men’s line, oodles of personal care products (body wash, face scrub, skincare, ect…) and my latest obsession? Our Makeup! An entire line of toxin-free makeup that is stunning, so soft and silky.

6 years ago I stopped using toxic supermarket cleaners like spray and wipe, bleach, etc and completely went toxic chemical free as I was sick of being sick and so sick of watching my friends suffer. So I ditched products that are linked to things like cancer, infertility, and allergies and chose to go with more natural products. The fact that I can buy all of those products with Young Living (and earn cash back through our rewards program…ya!) is a big blessing. And I'm still learning about ingredients in beauty products and the negative effects it has on our bodies. Side note, I thought I was doing a great job of using natural make up - I was using Nude By Nature (sounds all natural and nice doesn't it) But nope, do a little digging into the ingredients and you will run for the hills!

Let your nose do the talking!

Another thing that convinced me that I made the right choice by choosing Young Living was the simple test of doing a sniff test. Side by side Peppermint vs Peppermint and Lavender vs Lavender - Young Living has an earthy undertone. Not a candy peppermint smell. It comes from the earth - so it should smell like the earth!

Amazing women who love, encourage & support

My personal experience with Doterra was a lonely one. I had to navigate everything and after I got my kit I never heard from the person who enrolled me in the first place. Like ever. So that might not be the case for everyone. But that is how it went for me. However since joining Young Living, I have been encouraged, loved, and supported by women who are the most helpful women I have ever met. Always happy to answer questions, always providing support and going the extra mile to help. And this is what I love. And this is what I love doing for those who join me on their personal journey with Young Living. I love being available to support and care about the people who use Young Living. Only in the last 3 months have I really started the business side of Young LIving, but it has been a great decision, as it is helping my family keep homeschooling, and my husband working part time so that we can help our family remain close and connected and have the time to help others too. I also get to support wonderful friends in their own personal businesses and watch them gain confidence and feel good about themselves. 

I'm also excited that I'm going to become a AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) Practitioner in the next few weeks after I have been part of my own personal growth and freedom from ingrained thought patterns and have personally supported others in their personal growth with AFT. So I can add this to my bag of tricks as a doula - doing what I love - helping women let go of fears, and trauma and helping women recover for anxiety, depression and PTSD. This is something so close to my heart as I had a long recovery from this myself. 

So there you have it - why I chose Young LIving over all those other companies. 

Want to join in the love and be supported, listened to and be a valued member of The Young Living Community? I will guide, coach and provide resources, so that you can have a toxic free life. I admin a caring Facebook Community Group and you're welcome to join to share in the learning Click here to join The Well Village: Australia

And to get on the path to wellness - get your own Young Living Kit here. Please reach out and let me know if you want to get some products - this isn't just your ordinary shop - you are buying support, so please let me know if you're thinking about getting a kit and I can give you my best tips on which kits are the best value for your family and your life!

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