What to wear when pregnant!

What to wear when you are pregnant

First of all, congratulations lovely! Most likely if you are reading this is because you are pregnant and I couldn’t be happier for you. How exciting!!

As you know, our amazing bodies go through such an incredible transformation throughout these 40 weeks of pregnancy and not only are you busy preparing for the arrival of your special little one but now you have to start thinking ahead of time about what to wear once you’ve outgrown some of your clothes!

For me when I got pregnant I decided I wanted to keep it simple for myself. I knew I needed work clothes and casual clothes for my day to day. I looked at the existing items I had and added some pieces from friends who had been pregnant which became super handy! Once I looked at what I had and noticed things I needed but didn’t have, I wrote down a list and went out shopping. Surprisingly, didn’t need that much and got everything at a sale which was even better!

So, if you are like me and want to keep things simple yet be prepared, then my styling tips on what to wear when you are pregnant will be a great guide to get you started.

Here are my top tips:

Tip #1 – Check out your existing wardrobe first

When it comes to maternity clothes, believe it or not, there are heaps of things you can still wear from your existing wardrobe before the belly pops out, so no rush on going out to spend loads of money on clothes just yet. Remember that this is also for a short period of time and ideally you may want to keep all of those extra dollars to spend for your little one rather than on clothes.

Tip#2 – Ask friends for any maternity wear

If you are comfortable and have friends who have had children, ask them if they have any tops, dresses or bottoms that they can lend you. They are likely to be almost good as new as we don’t tend to wear them for long and you can save a few bucks that way.

Tip#3 – Create a list of items your need buy

Once you have taken the first couple of steps, then you can shop with purpose and buy the items you need. Normally you start with underwear! I know for me, my breasts were the first ones that needed a new bra!!

When it comes to essential items you may require during your pregnancy and beyond these would be my recommendations:


Make sure you get professionally fitted for a new bra. Although I got breastfeeding bras and didn’t really end up breastfeeding they are still very flattering and comfy and still use them to this day even though my son is nearly 1 year old!

High waist and nanny panties – You need support and comfort whilst pregnant, so you can opt for panties that either cover your belly or just fall under. I ended up having a C-section and needed some extra support around my belly area, so I had high waist panties which were great to have while our bellies get back to normal.

Maternity Belly band – Definitely a must have! I used this so much, felt like extra support for my belly and was awesome for coverage over my pants/jeans.

Images: Berlie, Kmart and Target


·Wrap Tops are fantastic as they are not only flattering for your chest area but also you can manoeuvre your breast back and forth very easily once the baby is born.

·Tops with wider hems that you can easily lift up are also great

·I loved my tulip style tops as they can be used for breastfeeding after bub is born

Images: Ripe, Feather & Noise and Target


These are fantastic to wear as they are not only comfy but can be quite dressy. It’s very versatile and very flattering with its long lines. I loved snuggling into mine and became one of my favourite things to wear. I recommend to go for neutral colours but if you love other colours go for it!

Images: Frankie & Co and Ripe


Wrap dresses become one of your best friends during this time, they are very flattering to your figure and have room to grow your baby bump.

Go for maxi dresses or dresses with an empire line that go up to the knee. I also loved putting on Bodycon type dresses to show off my baby bump. Otherwise, if you prefer tunic style dress just make sure that it is long enough to cover you when you sit.

Put on a cardi, denim jacket or leather jacket for different looks.

Images: Angelbub, Ripe, Feather & Noise and Pea in a Pod



They can be a great add on to your outfit and for me they were indispensable. However, be mindful that the best way to use them is when you wear them under a dress or a top that covers your bottom entirely.

Images: Pea in a Pod and Target


I used my denim jeans probably up to 8 – 10 weeks of my pregnancy. After that, you can use a belly belt (I didn’t use mine actually) if you want to wait a little longer or go get some maternity type denim jeans. It was a staple I used very often and were very comfortable to wear!

Images: Ripe and Soon Maternity


You will want to have some relaxed type pants or a couple of pants for work. Comfort is the key and for me, I had two neutral colour pants for work and a couple of relaxed jogger pants, one in black and the other with a cool pattern fabric.

Images: Ripe, Frankie & Co and Pea in a Pod

Having these basics in your wardrobe during your pregnancy will be more than enough and you will find that you will also be using a lot of them beyond pregnancy. Wishing you lots of joy and health for you and your beautiful baby.


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Eliana is a Melbourne mum and her mission is to help as many busy mamas as possible to regain their confidence by creating a supportive wardrobe that makes them look and feel amazing every day.

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