Why talk therapy doesn't work & what to do instead!

I don't know about you but I've sat in the shrinks office numerous times and rattled off all the things that have happened in my life that would give me reasons to have anxiety and depression. And like a lifeless dummy I give blow by blow details of various events. The shrink writes a few notes and says here's your script come and see me in two weeks and we'll see how you are. GAH!

So you do the "right thing" and turn up to your appointment two weeks later, rehash some of the things you talk about last time and say that you feel like rubbish, you're feel exhausted, have no motivation and just want to sleep all day. To which you are told to up your pills and be seen again in two weeks. The weeks turn into months and the months turn into years and your meds go up and down and you're still talking about the same old crap that you were talking about all those years ago.

Sound familiar? Well let me tell you that this story could be repeated by thousand of people all around the world.

So what can you do? Is there something else you can do instead of talk therapy and medication?

Absolutely! I'm one of the lucky one's. I've been med free, and talk therapy free for 3yrs. And the freedom that has bought me is priceless!

About this time last year I heard about a technique called Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) that was helping people break free from negative thoughts, emotions and trauma. And I thought I'd dive in and give it a go. So I downloaded the book and got to work straight away healing myself through AFT.

Have you even sat there with a group of friends comparing war wounds and health issues and thought 'Man surely all the things that have happened to people must be coming out as illnesses" And it's not rocket science that emotional pain eventually turns up a a physical dis-ease. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue etc are common place these days. Spend 5 mins with people and listen to their story and there are tell tale signs of abuse, trauma, extreme stress, which lend itself to manifesting in physical illness. The body holds onto all of this and tells us - please let me out! HELP ME!

But we do what we have always done - avoid things that hurt. We get busy, we get drunk or turn to drugs or become a workaholic - anything to avoid dealing with those buried feelings. We mask our feelings and put on a smile so no one can see what is simmering just below the surface. Sure you turned up to your shrinks office and tried to get help but they just offered another form of masking - a legal, supposedly safe version of masking - called medication!

So let's get back to AFT. AFT helps you on a subconscious level work through all those negative feelings, including memories and bodily sensations/and feelings that accompany anxiety and depression (think racing heart, sweaty palms, feeling numb or detached etc) It gets to the root feelings of stress, trauma, abuse etc. So instead of going on the notion that xyz has happened and your brain is broken and you need chemicals to fix you, it helps you clear those feelings of guilt, fear, shame, helplessness, pain, anger, frustration, literally having them leave your body so that you can allow positive emotions in. So are you sick of feeling sick? Are you tired of being tired and unheard? Then it's time to reclaim the real version of you. Clear those negative feelings trapped inside your poor body and be free.

AFT changed my life so much that I became a Practitioner back in December last year. And since then I've had the greatest honour of helping others be free!

*This is my own personal experience. I do not recommend you stop medication. Medication and health concerns should be discussed with your GP.