Why should I hire a doula?

1. Birth support is far more effective when provided by a woman who is not a member of hospital staff or the mother's friends or family.

2. Doulas allow Dads to have guilt free breaks, knowing Mum will not be alone and will be in very capable hands.

3. Hold her or help her back pain? An extra pair of hands means both are covered, making a huge difference mother's comfort and pain levels.

4. Epidural? How about Epidoula instead? Studies show that pain relief requests are reduced by 30% and epidural requests by a whopping 60%.

5. New mothers have significantly less anxiety, depression, low self esteem, and are more likely to be breastfeeding their babies, and for longer.

6. By hiring a doula labour can be reduced by 25%.


Is a doula a midwife?

Simply put - no. A doula is not a medically trained professional. Doulas do not take the place of any doctor, nurse or midwife. Rebecca is trained in supporting the physical, educational and emotional needs of the laboring woman and new parent after the baby is born. The training to become a doula, and the certification process that Rebecca gone through, entails an incredible understanding of birth and the postnatal period. She is an amazing resource for her clients. She is your personal coach before, during and after delivery.

What training have you completed?

Rebecca has trained with The Australian Doula College and attended three trainee births before she was fully qualified. The training was face to face, over twenty weeks where she covered all aspects of pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period. She was provided with valuable resources and tools to help you make informed choices surrounding your pregnancy and labour.

What questions do I ask when interviewing a doula?

This is covered in detail in Rebecca's blog. Found here BL OG 

My partner and mum will be with me. Do I still need a doula?

Sure do! Your partner and family provides you with invaluable support, and your doula will never take your families place. However your family is experiencing this with you and deeply emotionally connected. Your partner also needs emotional and physical support during birth, just as you do. A doula can give your family breaks too. Also remember that your family member usually only knows as much about birth as you do. A doula provides information to help both you and your partner make the best decisions for you and your baby.

Do doulas speak on my behalf?

Rebecca will help you feel confident enough to speak for yourself. She wants to make sure that at the end of your birth, when you look back any decisions were solely yours and not influenced by her at all. She will also help your partner speak on your behalf if you are not able to. What suburbs do you service? - Im in Melbourne's South East, I travel to Gippsland, Melbourne CBD, Mornington Peninsula, and most suburbs within about 1hr. Just ask if I cover your area..