"I can truly say that I look back on my labour with positive memories, thanks to Rebecca’s wonderful support.

Rebecca really helps to demystify and educate you about the birth process, and gives you the knowledge to be able to birth with confidence and not with fear. 

She was there for the duration of my labour and beyond, providing me with comfort and encouragement.  She was also particularly helpful in calming and reassuring my husband during some of the stressful moments that arose.

Rebecca was also available postnatally, she provided advice on breastfeeding, settling techniques, and greatly needed emotional support.

I am very thankful to Rebecca for being there for me during and after my labour, and I recommend her to all pregnant women wishing to feel confident about giving birth."

D. Bosevski

Maternal Assisted Birth

"I can never thank you enough for helping me achieve the pregnancy journey and healing, powerful birth that I wanted! After going through two traumatic births, you helped me realise that I had the power to achieve the birth I wanted" Janna Rutgers 9 April 2017

Does labour hurt?

Carmelle Larson's birth story: I got up on Sunday the 27th of December 2015 and around 9am started to notice I was having period type pains on and off anywhere from 5-15 mins apart. They slowly got a bit more noticeable all morning so I alerted my mum, my partner and my doula that I thought things might be starting. Mum and I had originally planned to spend the day together so we went ahead with our plans because I had a gut feeling it may take a while. We went down to Kmart and then out to the coffee club for lunch! I was contracting to the point where they were hurting but I was still able to walk and talk. They were about 5 mins apart. 

Christina - 37 weeks pregnant - Have gotten to know Rebecca who has made me feel calm and confident immediately. She definitely brings that warmth you need during such an important and intense period in giving birth to baby. 2015

Carolyn's testimonial - 30 weeks pregnant Rebecca is brilliant very down to earth, cuts through all the myths about birth - tells it like it is.  She asks a lot of questions and pays a great deal of attention to how you feel and what you want.  Knowing someone has had such an intense training into the physical and emotional aspects gives me a lot of confidence in them. 2014

Rebecca Gilbert's Testimonial - Bub born 25 June 2013, Melbourne Rebecca was great at informing me about what positions, and meditation to do during labour. She was there as soon as I felt like I needed her (even though it was early) but with the labour I was having it didn’t feel like it. She was very supportive and I loved her personal approach. This is such an intimate thing and Rebecca made me feel comfortable from word go. Also the pre labour catch ups were great, they helped give me a sense of my womanly right to birth the way I wanted. I wasn’t scared going in and that’s how every woman should feel. Always there to give information and ready to stand by me and help me fight for my rights and made sure I had the knowledge there so I wasn’t railroaded by medical staff into making their choices rather than my own. She helped me find my voice.

Best positions for labour

"Rebecca is a wonderful doula. My husband and I hired her for my second pregnancy and we agree that it was a great decision. She listened to my worries during pregnancy and gave me valuable advice based on her own experience being a mom of two. During my pregnancy she shared useful information about stages of labour, pain management techniques and helped me create my birth plan using a modern app. In the early stage of labour she came to our place soon after we asked her to, and when she arrived she gave me immediate comfort by physically supporting my body, giving me a relaxing massage and teaching me the right way to vocalise during contractions. Thanks to her I was able to have a nap in between contraction because I was relaxed. I decided to go to the hospital when I felt that the contractions became stronger. During second stage of labour at the hospital Rebecca repeatedly reminded me of my birth wish and to keep pushing although at the time I felt like I needed help. Thanks to her after a few more pushes I managed to give birth to my son naturally without any intervention and drugs. I'd recommend Rebecca to any pregnant woman out there especially if it is her first pregnancy and if she'd like to have natural birth."

---- David & Emelyn, baby boy born on 28 June 2016----"

Tony & Helena Oct 2015 -  Rebecca has been a great support for us during my wife’s labour in October. She was very comforting for both my wife and me throughout the labour process. She is very passionate in making sure that everyone is calm and comfortable. In the middle of the commotion, Rebecca reminded us to embrace every precious moment of the birth of our first daughter which was very important. The labour process for my wife was a little unorthodox and did not go according to plan. Rebecca was able to ease the situation by providing a sense of calm and reassurance. Establishing this environment enabled me to gather my thoughts and emotions so that I could make rational and calm decisions that enabled the labour to run its course. Whilst I was busy with organising transportation and essential items to bring to the hospital, Rebecca never left my wife’s side; she offered calm reassurance as well aspositive and encouraging words to my wife. Rebecca is excellent at what she does and the service she provides, I have no hesitation in recommending her for those interested in employing doula services.

Myra, Oakleigh South - Bub born April 2013 - Rebecca was a wonderful support person to have during the pregnancy, labour and post labour of my second child. My first birth experience was a bitter sweet memory. It was extraordinarily long and difficult labour that ended with the child in hospital for 1 week intensive care. So when I got pregnant with my second child I was really determined to make it a better experience. But what could I do?

A close friend of mine had a doula for her delivery and highly recommending me to see one. I found 'By Your Side Doula Services' and met with Rebecca. She was great from the start, warm personality and knew what she was talking about. She has also had personal experience with her own difficult delivery and understands very well the pain and fear women face.

Fast forward… Now my baby has been born and he's seven weeks old now. As I look back, I'm so thankful that I've found Rebecca as my doula. I wish I had her there for my first delivery. I had a much better labour experience, thanks to Rebecca with all her supports.

She has been very encouraging and caring throughout the process. When I had some issues during and after my pregnancy, she would provide me with different helpful information all along the way. She really went the extra mile for me and my baby.

During the labour Rebecca was really 'By my side' through it all. I squeezed her hands so hard that I was afraid I might have broken them, but she didn't flinch.

Over all I'm very happy and satisfied with her services. Definitely would recommend any pregnant mother to consider of hiring a doula and Rebecca is great option. - Myra, Oakleigh South. 17 June 2013